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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mechenosets ( Sword Bearer )


Sasha walks through his life, leaving a bloody trace behind him. He is chased after. But evil be to the pursuer who will manage to draw up with him. The older he grows, the more he becomes a rectification tool of injustice. The more appalling is a crime, the more dreadful is his punishment. Shocking and unfathomable events slash the tissue of present-day reality.

Gradually Sasha becomes too dangerous to live among people, and one day the entire world revolts against him. He possesses a supernatural power, enabling him to destroy everything on his way. SHE makes her sudden appearance on his way. Ignorant of his supernatural powers, she falls in love with him. Can the hero save her – and his - love that is so much fragile in a hostile world?


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