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Friday, November 14, 2008


IMDB Rating:7.8

Parzania is the story of an event that changed the country and the world forever. An American,Allan Webbings (Corin Nemec) arrives in Ahmedabad city. Allan has been searching for answers, praying to find both internal peace and understanding of the horrors that religious difference can create. For this, Allan has chosen India and Gandhi as his subject. It's here that he meets Cyrus (Naseeruddin Shah), the local projectionist who brings the young and troubled intellectual into his beautiful family.

Cyrus is a Parsi, he has a beautiful wife, Shernaz (Sarika), a practical woman who after eleven years still can't resist his charisma and charm; then there are the two children – Parzan (Parzan Dastur) an imaginative ten year old that has developed his own world, the world of ‘Parzania’, where the buildings are made of chocolate and the mountains of ice cream, a world that only his eight year old little sister Dilshad (Pearl Barsiwalla) truly understands. Through Cyrus's family, Allan finds his peace.

One morning, the beauty and peace that India is so famous for, is rocked beyond measure, as a bomb explodes in a train at Godhra killing Hindus. Within 24 hours, thousands of Muslims are slaughtered, making that day one of the largest acts of communal violence the country has ever seen. And in the midst of the terror and violence, Parzan is missing. While Cyrus fights for his own sanity and searches for his child, Alan battles to uncover the truth behind the riots. Parzania is inspired by a true story...