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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Wild Blue Yonder


In the California desert, a space alien from the Andromeda nebula (Brad Dourif) tells us that his party of colonists came to Earth to build glorious cities but failed miserably. He relates a futuristic narrative about an Earthly attempt to spread into the universe. After studies of the Roswell flying saucer (actually an Andromedan space probe) prove that it carries a virulent alien germ, a manned NASA space voyage is launched to find another habitable place in the Solar System. A plague never develops, but the astronauts perfect a way of using mathematics to instantaneously transport spaceships across the galaxy. This allows them to visit the Andromedan's home planet and partake of exploratory swims in its oceans of frozen gases. The spacemen return to Earth, only to find that the Chaotic Transport' mechanism plays tricks with time: It's 820 years in the future, humans are extinct and the planet is once again a verdant primitive paradise.

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