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Saturday, February 7, 2009

유감스러운 도시 City of Damnation


Choong Dong (Jeong Joon Ho), a traffic officer who aspires to be a homicide detective, is recognized for his straight and honest nature and recruited into a case targeting gang leader Gwang Seop (Kim Sang Joong). Before long, he goes undercover as a member of Gwang Seop’s gang. Meanwhile, Joong Dae (Jeong Woong In) goes undercover in homicide to protect his boss Gwang Seop because he is the only member of the gang who graduated from university. His quick wits put Joong Dae on the Chief’s good side and also close to Se Rin (Han Go Eun) in the secret investigations department. He falls in love with her. Joong Dae tries hard to get in on every important case and win the trust of Captain Park and Chief Chun as he seeks the identity of the undercover in Gwang Seop’s gang.