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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rasukan Ablasa


The story tells the tale of Omar who worships the devil in order for his wife, Laila to be loyal to him but it only made her more deceitful. One day Omar saw his wife was sleeping with Nordin. In a rage he beheaded both of their heads. The village people knew of what had happened and burnt Omar and his house down to ashes. 50 years later, Ashraf, the grandson of Omar returned to the empty land in Kampung Bukit Gemuruh where Omar's house use to be. The devil which was buried under that land came alive with the return of Ashraf. Ashraf and his friends came across a box filled with Omar's worshipping chants and musical instruments to call on the devil. As they brought back the box many mysterious incidents happened to them and kept haunting them. Ashraf struggles to find the solution to overcome this evil power.