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Friday, September 12, 2008

Chekeraccho!! ( Check It Out Yo!)

I rate it: 4/5

Chekeracco!! is very entertaining movie, with enough funny moments to keep us laughing. The movie also extremely colurful and beautiful-set in Okinawa island.Great Ost and songs from Orange Range.

Plot / Synopsis:

The movie centers on Toru Isaka (Hayato Ichihara), a student at the crossroads of teenage life, who together with his good friends Tetsuo Tamashiro (Yuta Hiraoka, who was in Be With You and Swing Girls) and Akira Motobe (Tasuku Emoto) are trying to figure out what next to do with their lives. Their mutual female friend Yui Haebaru the tomboy (Mao Inoue) and wrestling freak, offers them a ticket each to the gig of the hottest indie rap band in town, the Workaholics, and it dawned upon them to aspire to be in a band too, given the countless female adulation that they will receive.
(source IMDB)

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