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Friday, September 26, 2008

Children of Heaven ( Bacheha-Ye aseman )

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Plot / Synopsis:

In this simple, yet endearing story, two children invent an intricate plan to conceal the loss of a pair of shoes. It's the story of Ali and Zahra, brother and sister who belong to a poor family living in Iran. Ali loses his sister's shoes through no fault of his own. Afraid of their parents anger, they decide to keep it a secret and share the only pair of worn-out sneakers belonging to Ali. A story about love and trust between a brother and sister, and humanity, transcending all cultures. The direction, cinematography, and music are all outstanding -- but it is the children that you will fall in love with.


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fruit said...

have watch the movie.. really admire the love relation between brother n sister.. both are very cooperative in keeping the secret.. they quietly exchange the pair of sneaker so both be able to go to school.. so touching by the brother effort in replacing the sister shoe by entering running competition..