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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Glorious Team Batista

Plot / Synopsis

Team Batista, Japan's number one heart surgery team, has lost three consecutive patients on the operating table - and the cause may be murder! Based on a best-selling novel, The Glorious Team Batista follows a storied surgical team who perform the difficult "Batista Operation", a procedure that requires the heart to stop beating for a period of time. Takeuchi Yuko (Be With Me) and Abe Hiroshi (Bubble Fiction - Boom or Bust) lead the ensemble cast as the investigating duo who must determine if someone on Team Batista is killing their own patients - and if so, why? Glorious Team Batista combines elements of murder mystery and hospital drama, as the investigators struggle with medical ethics as well as the chilling motives that would drive someone on the most revered surgery team in Japan to take human lives. Glorious Team Batista is - quite literally - a heart-stopping medical thriller, but the star performances from the comely Takeuchi and most especially the charismatic Abe Hiroshi help alleviate the suspense.

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