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Sunday, December 7, 2008

偶然にも最悪な少年 予告編 (Worst by Chance)


He can't control himself inside of him. Hidenori, a Japanese-Korean, hasn't seen his family in a few years. He doesn't want to go to school but just wander the streets. He always grins at a trifle. When he is caught stealing and he feels pain as his finger is cut off, he just smiles. He murmurs "Should I commit suicide?" in front of his dead sister. Yumi, an obsessive-compulsive girl, has a sticky finger. A boy who wanders the Sybuya. They join Hidenori's reckless plan by chance. They plan to stow away in order to show Korea to his sister, who has never seen the motherland. Three people who are out of this world and the dead go toward Hakata. This film is a remake of a novel. The material that on ignoring and refusing to attend school, robbery, suicide and divorce are controversial. They seem to have many problems. The film tells us that the positive thing is when they walk on their own way to reality. Hidenori says in the film "The truth takes after the thing cannot control.” His grinning may be a way to accept reality and truth.


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