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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rokkazu (Rockers)


"Freed from the need to be factual, Rockers leaves the audience free to judge it entirely on its merits as a film. With a tried and true rags-to-riches plot containing more than its share of idiosyncrasies, Rockers is a film that will please even the most uninitiated of viewers, its excellent expressive and energetic performances (the band's entire rhythm section consists of actors from the not dissimilarly spirited Kisarazu Cat's Eye TV series, penned by GO, Ping Pong, and Zebraman scribe Kankuro Kudo) making it a rewarding experience even for unsubtitled gaijin viewing (you won't be alone in this either, since most Japanese probably won't catch a good part of the dialogue due to the thick Hakata accents employed throughout). It may not offer any insights into the history of the Japanese punk music scene and even similarities with the band that inspired it are superficial at best, but Rockers transcends that admittedly narrow focus to become a film of much more universal appeal. With his debut film, Takanori Jinnai has delivered, quite simply, one of the year's most pleasant surprises."
Extract from Midnight Eye review

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